2024: A Look Back

Curious about ATM Lens Days 2025? Step into the world of cinematic lenses and explore the magic of the 2024 edition!

Uncover the key moments:

  • Explore the ATM Virtual Studio: Four unique scenes awaited participants, including a virtual scene with live-action shooting, a motion-control scene, and a food scene. Over 300 lenses were tested in various practical scenarios.
  • Learn from the masters: Renowned speakers like Marcin Mikołajczyk, Stephen Lowe, Kamil Rutkowski and Pablo Garcia Soriano shared their expertise in engaging seminars and workshops.
  • Witness cutting-edge technologies: Experience virtual production technology firsthand, featuring a massive LED wall, Unreal Engine environments, and a driving shots platform.
  • Connect with fellow enthusiasts: Network with other passionate cinematographers and exchange ideas.

Why should you attend ATM Lens Days?

  • Hands-on experience: Test and compare different lenses in real-world settings.
  • Expert insights: Gain valuable knowledge from industry leaders.
  • A glimpse into the future: Discover the latest trends in cinematography.
  • Build your network: Connect with like-minded individuals and foster meaningful relationships.

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